11 March 2008

Devro in India

This post is jacked straight from the Mad Decent Blog. Paul Devro played at Tokyo Thursdays two months ago. This month he's getting himself involved in the politics of globalization in really amazing way. Taking advantage of his creativity and music hes dipping into the politics of development as it pertains to the poor and the possibilities of the music and the internet. Having been to India recently, I can't say how much I'd like to get involved with something like this. Check it out:

March 3, 2008
Mad Decent Invades India


In the middle of March I’ll be heading to the largest slum in Asia, Dhavari, in Mumbai India. I’ve been invited to the Urban Typhoon redevelopment project along with other doctors, architects, musicians and more in Koliwada. Nestled between two major business districts, the slum is facing major turmoil as global firms are bidding billions on the land as we speak. There are clauses though, such as free 225 foot flats for those who can prove residency since 1995. But for the nearly one million populating the region this likely an impossible dream and by terms of assisting the community, falls very very short. The total strain on society when merging these two very different lifestyles needs to be more examined and thought out too.

Working toilets are rare, so i’m betting that the internet isn’t on every corner but i’ll be trying to keep daily posts while i’m over there and of course posting music from the region. I’m starting up a sort of Heaps Decent program while I’m over there too. Plus we’ll be throwing a major Mad Decent party at the end thanks to the brand new Blue Frog Club. They are do the unheard of by letting 100 Dhavari kids in for free, who would not be able to make it past the bouncers at any ohter club any other night. It’s gonna be a crazy party.

Please click the links above to learn more.

Mad Decent Urban Typhoon Party

@ Blue Frog Club - Mill Land, Mumbai
Special guest: Dj Paul Devro [Mad Decent, Vancouver]

Saturday March 22
Blue Frog
D/2 Mathuradas Mills Compound
N.M. Joshi Marg
Mumbai 400 013

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