27 June 2009

Recap: LOOKOUT presents the official Phoenix afterparty at Blue Dog

This past week Lookout handled the official afterparty for Phoenix at Blue Dog! The band's sold out show earlier in the evening was incredible - they proved beyond any doubt that their hype is well-earned. If you don't know, now you know.  Afterwards, the band came down to Blue Dog for the official afterparty and things got wild. This was a great showing for the band and it was our pleasure to show them Montreal's finest. Check out some pics from the evening...

Phoenix's opening act Amazing Baby gave a special DJ set at the Dog. Yeah, they got hype too. Also spinning were bar owners Team Canada and Trevor Barnes of Tokyo fam(e)!

Thanks to Phoenix, Amazing Baby, and Team Canada for another great night at Blue Dog. Next up is Banana Split Sundae...

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